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Geospatial Data Science in Python - 8h Training

With a track record of client projects, from innovative startups to major corporations, Milan has become a recognized figure in geospatial data. He regularly published Geospatial Python tutorials for Towards Data Science and is a top voice in data science and GIS on LinkedIn. Leveraging this extensive experience, Milan now offers a comprehensive 8-hour course and a 3-hour project presentation workshop on geospatial data science.

This program is specifically tailored to provide a general overview and hands-on technical experience on the modern stack of geospatial data science using Python. Besides the foundations, the course will touch base on topics such as building digital twins using OpenStreetMap data, analyzing road network and transportation data, and combining spatial analytics with machine learning.

The course is built around extensive Python coding and is designed for data scientists and GIS specialists interested in mastering the combination of these two fields. The course closed with a take-home assignment presented on Day 5 of the course.

This is an in-person course in Budapest.


Day 1: Introduction to Geospatial Analytics with Python

Day 2: Mapping Urban Areas

Day 3: Geospatial Profiling

Day 4: Machine Learning in Spatial Analytics

Day 5: Final Project Presentation

Please note: Course details are subject to change to ensure the most current and engaging learning experience.

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