Geospatial Data Science Training

With a track record of client projects, from innovative startups to major corporations, Milan has become a recognized figure in geospatial data. He regularly published Geospatial Python tutorials for Towards Data Science and is a top voice in data science and GIS on LinkedIn. Leveraging this extensive experience, Milan now offers a comprehensive 8-hour course on geospatial data science. This program is specifically tailored to provide a general overview and hands-on technical experience on the modern stack of geospatial data science using Python.

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Geospatial Data Science Masterclass

Are you interested in leveling up your geospatial skills, from data cleaning to map visualizations? Milan has been working with geospatial data for over five years, including start-ups, governmental, and consulting projects. He is now ready to share his insights and best practices during his one-on-one masterclasses!

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Network Science Masterclass

Do you want to understand complex systems, from legal tech to HR, or simply create powerful network visualizations of your data? Now is the chance to learn from an expert who had his networks from GQ to the New York Times in Milan's limited one-on-one masterclasses!

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Lectures and workshops

Milan has been a lecturer and keynote speaker at events for years, both in academia and the private sector - now you can invite him to your event covering various areas of data science and its applications, particularly network science and geospatial data analytics. For references, please visit the Appearances section.

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Data Science Consulting

Milan and his team have been working with clients at all scales, from start-ups to global corporations, in numerous industry segments, from consulting to fintech. Their expertise cover i) building data science teams from conducting interviews to organizing workflows, ii) designing user-friendly digital products utilizing large-scale data and AI, and iii) tackling a wide range of data-related problems using geospatial data science, network science, natural language processing, machine learning, and many more.

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